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How to coordinate a road trip

We’ve hit the middle of the year and perhaps cabin fever is beginning to take its toll – a much-needed break from your daily routine and the stresses of life may be well in order! One of the best ways to do so is a road trip. It sounds like a bit of a chaotic or daunting task with children, but with adequate preparation and a planned route, it could be the break from everyday life you need. Perhaps you’re planning a mid-year break for a group of friends, colleagues or potential clients? CK Travel and Tours offers its private-hire busses for all things related to road trips, including private functions, corporate outings, airport transfers in Durban, school excursions and even tours and safaris.

Preparing for the ultimate road trip

Our 13-seater Quantum is ideal for road trips for smaller groups – also offering King Shaka airport transfers throughout Durban [/caption]

Here are a few essential planning tips to keep in mind to ensure your road trip is all smooth sailing:

  1. Plan your route and stops before you leave

Deciding on your route and its stops depends much on your travel style. The best idea is to ensure everyone is on the same page with regards to travel time and common interest stops along the way. Discuss your pre-planned route and its stops before you set off on the journey.

  1. Keep your plans loose

This sounds contradictory to the first tip, but it’s also important to enjoy a road trip for what it is. If something interesting catches your eye along the way, but it’s not in your pre-planned itinerary, that’s ok. Make some leeway for spontaneous stops and visits!

  1. Formulate a solid budget

A road trip may be a cost-effective way to holiday, but beware of hidden costs. Be sure to include things like fuel, food, accommodation and fun things to do in your budget as this can add up quickly.

  1. Make sure your ride is ready

Make sure all of the scheduled, preventative maintenance you need to have done on your vehicle is taken care of. Or if hiring a vehicle, ensure this is from a reputable company with reliable vehicles. CK Travel and Tours offers private hire busses for private functions, corporate outings, school excursions and airport transfers in Durban.

Looking for a reliable transport company to assist in coordinating your ultimate road trip? Contact us at CK Travel and Tours for corporate or private function bus hire, King Shaka airport transfers in Durban, school outings and more!

Caption: Our 15-21 seater Sprinter bus is perfect for road trips with a group of friends, we also offer Durban airport transfer services

Caption: Our 15-21 seater Sprinter bus is perfect for road trips with a group of friends, we also offer Durban airport transfer services

The 60-70 seater Luxury Coach is ideal for private and corporate road trips – also offering Durban

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