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Cost saving tips when travelling

Whether you’re travelling solo, with friends or with children it can become a costly endeavour! Nowadays with thanks to the increasing popularity of travel, there is a myriad of tips you can use to cut back on costs and not waste money unnecessarily on your adventures! No matter whether you’re travelling by air, luxury bus hire, car hire, train or even on a cruise, here are a few top tips to saving while-on-the-go…


  • Travel during off-peak times

Generally speaking, it will always cost less to book a flight, travel via luxury bus hire or car hire, train or cruise during off-peak or out-of-season times. In South Africa, these months generally fall during the autumn of March-May and spring, from September – November.


  • Make use of Apps

Whether you own an Android or Apple device there are a number of apps that can be downloaded that will point you in the direction of the best restaurants, B&Bs, hotels and stores offering specials and discounts throughout the region you’re travelling. Among the best apps includes the Travelstart, Trivago, TripAdvisor and AirBnB.


  • Eat with the locals

Many places you travel will offer novelty restaurants catered to the ‘tourist’ – but these can be overpriced and jam-packed! Save money and eat where the locals eat, it’s generally cheaper, far more wholesome and will leave you with wonderful memories! Another tip: fill up at lunchtime when many local eateries tend to offer lunchtime specials and far fewer crowds.

  • Pack medicines you don’t think you’ll need

All too often accidents happen while travelling, especially with children, and you may find yourself having to spend exorbitant amounts on over-priced medication at airports or from a doctor or pharmacist you don’t know or trust! Prepare for the worst when travelling and pack even what you think you may not need!

  • Take advantage of the Wi-Fi

If you’re travelling internationally, make sure to avoid the incredible costs of international roaming and having to contact home at your own expense! Make the most of the free Wi-Fi areas or even those that charge a small fee – in the long run, you could save yourself thousands of Rands otherwise spent on data and calls!


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