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How to plan a corporate event

Some may say that planning a corporate event is ‘not for sissies’ – it can be stressful, and even more so if the event planner is part of the company or corporation! One of the most important aspects to hosting a successful corporate event is understanding what key stakeholders of the business wish to achieve from this event, and strive to market the event in an enticing way for employees. Along with organising exciting and inspiring speakers to your corporate event – it’s important to not underestimate how key your venue, transport and snacks are to pulling off an event to be remembered! If you are on the hunt for reliable and affordable corporate bus hire in Durban to transport your employees, CK Travel and Tour is here for you!

Hosting a successful corporate event is, quite honestly, all about the employees and achieving stakeholder’s end-goals. A corporate event is one of the most important forums for business – it provides an opportunity to present some of the best ideas from within the company to management and other departments. As someone who is planning a corporate event, it’s important to plan your event around bringing these ideas to the fore.

So, how to go about achieving this?

Common goals many event stakeholders will share include the following:

  • Analysing historical performance and set-up future goals for the company
  • Collecting and collating the best ideas from within the company in order to spark innovation
  • Align and work on communication between certain departments in order build on efficiency and productivity
  • Establish and reiterate a company vision and purpose

It’s important to recognise these goals and work towards achieving this throughout your corporate event.

Other important aspects to consider:

  • Plan your budget

Setting budget parameters from the start of your planning process is vital. This way you can determine the essentials of your event and how the rest will flow from there. Some of the most costly aspects of your event will include: venue hire, keynote speakers, catering, drinks, service staff, décor and transport. It’s also important to consider whether your event is better suited to an all-inclusive venue hire, or one that offers a venue and support services separately. Remember to consider all your options first before committing and paying a deposit of any kind. One of the best ways to save on costs? CK Travel and Tours offers affordable corporate bus hire throughout Durban – save on your transport!

  • What kind of amenities are located close to your venue?

This is almost as important as selecting your venue as your guests will need access to restrooms and secure parking facilities if employees are making their own way to the event. Your service providers may also need access to a kitchen area, so this is another amenity that is important to consider.

  • Consider additional facilities

What will you need at your event to ensure your objective is achieved? Consider basic amenities such as appropriate seating, tables and chairs, stages and podiums for speeches and prize-givings, will you need a ramp for handicapped guests and what kind of décor will best tie in with your event’s theme? Do some research on local, cost-effective vendors who can offer you a one-stop-shop service to avoid having to deal with multiple different vendors!

  • Prioritise food and drink

If guests at any event remember anything – it is without-a-doubt, the food and drinks! Make sure to take into consideration speciality diets and what kind of food will be served –snacks, sit-down meals or a buffet? Spend some time thinking about what your guests would prefer and what would ultimately be easier and more cost-effective, yet still memorable for your event.

If you are looking for an excellent and affordable means of transportation for your employees to your next corporate event, CK Travel and Tour offers corporate bus hire services throughout KZN. As one of the province’s most popular corporate bus hire companies, you can rely on us!

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