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Ideas and Tips for Corporate Travel

Productivity in the work place is extremely important, as much as it depends on the individuals within your team, productivity essentially boils down to how well your team works as a whole.

An excellent activity which is becoming increasingly popular across the globe and has been proven to pull team mates together and help them grow as a whole is Team Building. Team building has become an essential part of any business, due to its proven results. Getting your team out of the office for even just a day away can yield massive difference in team productivity.

Team building helps to foster a better relationship between employees, its helps team members understand one another on a more personal level. This in turn helps open better communication channels between team members.

Looking for ideas on where to go and what to do for team building? Here are a few ideas and tips for team building activities and venues that can be found within the Durban/Kwa-Zulu Natal region.

Travel companies generally have tour options available for corporations to use for team building activities. Tour groups such as CK Travel and Tour offer corporate tours in Durban, these tours are generally well thought up programmes that include corporate transport to venues across Durban that are jam packed with activities for team building!

Companies such as TVG – The Ventures Group, specialise in team building activities and have a lot to offer! From quad biking to zip lining, to obstacle courses, they offer it all. They have specific team building packages that are developed to draw your team closer together. They have a vast range of venues to choose from, such as Seula Zimbili, Giba Gorge and even Durban’s golden coast line. Getting to and from these venues will require your own transportation, however CK Travel’s corporate transportation in Durban is sure to be more than capable of handling all your Durban day tours.

Another team building expertise company would be Team A Attitude, they have venues across KZN such as the Emoyeni Lodge in Camperdown, Salt Rock Beach Hotel and even the Protea Karidene Beach in Illovo down the South Coast of Durban. They have a whole lot of original activities that are designed to bring your team together as one. Some of the activities they have on offer are things such as Hula Hoop Communication Loop (A lateral thinking game that sets the tone for fun team relationships), a corporate version of musical chairs and even their own Amazing Race which is taken place both indoors and doors and consists of roadblocks, clues and colourful tasks that challenge your team.

Play Works is also on the ball with regard to corporate tours and team building in Durban. They have unique activities such as the Survivor Team Challenge, Laser Tag and even “Murder” mysteries that your teams have to solve!

Perhaps you’d like to plan out your own team building activities in and around Durban, the city has plenty to offer with venues such as Ushaka to visit. Ushaka marine world has fun team building activities on offer such as a Lazy River Catch Up Race (finding clues in the river running through the park), Snorkel Lagoon (clue finding done within the lagoon) and even a really fun activity known as the Chicken Run Plunge! The Chicken Run Plunge involves you having to go down a 90 degree vertical slide, while holding an egg and making sure not to crack it! They also offer dry activities such as The Wimpy Challenge which sees team members constructing meals and then devouring their work! Ushaka Marine Wold is an avenue of pure fun and exhilaration!

If a day of fun and activities does not contribute to your team’s overall performance, then there’s something really wrong! Team building/Corporate tours in Durban are rife with many activities to choose from! CK Travel and Tours is your go to for all corporate tours in Durban and surrounding areas, with a proven track record, experienced drivers and expert Durban City tour guides CK Travel will get you there and back safely.

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