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Benefits of Hiring a Private Bus


It’s almost the end of the year and we’re sure you’re pretty excited to face the festive season. With so many events from December to January, we know there’s a lot to plan and do surrounding all the exciting events. In this post, we’re going to explore why private travel hire is better for you and more reliable and give you some ideas of places to visit our beautiful country. Whether you’re a student looking for an adventure with your friends or a family looking to move around safely during the busy festive season.

With so much going on inside malls, theaters and events we often neglect the most important part of the festive season… getting around! Driving around at any time of the year is hectic, frustrating and annoying, it takes longer and is often costly if you have a lot of people to move around. The option of private transport hire or personal public transportation is a better option than even relying on a mobile app based lift services with newly experienced drivers and increased pricing when you need them most. Doesn’t sound very festive to us. This is why we’re always to keen and eager to provide professional and reliable transport to whoever needs it with our drivers who have years of valuable experience in the business. So no matter who you are, keep reading and we’ll be giving you some helpful tips and ideas for the festive season or even for fun activities to do during the year.

So many students are looking for reliable transport that is safe and affordable as they are keen to make the most of the summer months on holiday and vacation. Students who are looking to travel from hotels to events or from one part of the country to the next can make arrangements to get around with their parents and guardians having peace of mind that they remain together as a group and with their designated chaperone at all times while being transported to their respective events.

There are many concerts, tours, and even gallery shows to go to for young students. Local parks often host overnight movie screenings and malls are filled with expos and exhibitions. Many new movies are also premiered during this time which makes it the best time to get out of the house, away from studying and take a break. Students can look forward to going to these events without having to worry about finding a reliable and responsible designated drivers.

Families are the next big group who can benefit from a minibus or charter bus. If you’re planning a family reunion or family holiday you can save money on multiple cars and save on the exorbitant petrol prices.

Amazing ideas for family vacations include road tripping and touring the local area. If you are able to you can drive from Durban to Johannesburg or from Durban to Cape Town. Not only is it a beautiful and scenic route but you can see more of the beautiful landscapes and features that South Africa has to offer. Other places to visit are theme parks and water parks. Depending on where you are in South Africa you can visit Gold Reef City or Ushaka Marine World. If big parks aren’t your thing as a family then the option to explore nature is still a good idea. You can visit local reservations and game reserves or hiking trails.

If a road trip isn’t on your families agenda then an airplane ride can be made less stressful when you don’t have to worry about getting shuttled from the airport to wherever you are staying. Often finding an affordable shuttle can be a task on its own but if you book with us we aim to make it as seamless and easy as possible.

Hosting your birthday party and not sure how your guests are going to be able to travel to the venue? Instead of stressing about parking at the actual venue you can offer a service to pick up guests at a central venue and chauffeur them to the event.

Hosting your boys weekend or ladies day out can be made less stressful if you’ve got a predestined route planned with a reliable way to get there and back.

Hiring a designated driver also means that you can rely on someone to be sober, safe and fully attentive while you enjoy your events an outings. This means that beach events, events and occasions in busy areas and even events that are slightly further away can be accommodated for.

Consider this, you’ve planned the perfect holiday right down to the activities you and your family will be taking part in, and instead of stressing about hiring a car and worrying about parking, keeping it maintained and in good condition you can rest easy knowing that you have a well mannered experience driver to help you navigate through an enjoyable time.

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