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Fun Activities to Keep Passengers Entertained on A Long Drive

If you’re about to embark on a road trip of epic proportions, you may require a little bit of entertainment along the way! Whether you’re travelling as a duo or a big group of friends in a private bus hire, sometimes music for distraction just doesn’t cut it, and a road trip game or two may be in order. One of the best ways to cut back on time and the amount of mileage still to cover is a fun and interactive game, which also helps to keep the driver engaged and awake – a win-win for everyone!

Some fun and interesting games that will test your general knowledge, patience and sense of humour to try on your next epic road trip include:
  • The word association game

The aim of this game is to go through word associations until someone in the vehicle can’t think of an appropriate association or thinks of something too far-fetched! The basic rules are as follows:
  • One person begins with a word, and the following person has to think of a word associated with it eg. Hamburger / fries etc.
  • Regional Food Master

This game is based on collecting the most interesting regional or local snacks throughout your road trip. The rules of this game are based on:
  • At each petrol station or rest stop, find a local store and buy a local snack of the region
  • You can only get one food item per stop
  • The snack must be of local origin and created within the specific region
  • Whoever has collected the most snacks wins!
  • Top tip: try not to eat them along the way!
  • The Alphabet Game

This is the classic alphabet game many know and love! The basic aim of the game is to get through the alphabet using words on road signs. Rules of the game:
  • Try and find words in alphabetical order using billboards, business or road signs
  • The first one to get to the end of the alphabet wins
  • Once a word has been said, it cannot be repeated!
  • License plates cannot be used
  • Battle of the bands

Two people at a time are needed to play this game where contestants battle it out to be picked as ‘best performer’. The rules include:
– One person names a theme such as: ‘love songs’ – The two contestants have 60 seconds to ‘perform’ their songs – The car judges the two selections and picks a winner based on their ‘performance’
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