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Affordable Team Building Activity Ideas for 2019

When people are looking at jobs, they are no longer looking at just the earnings. People are now looking more holistically at the companies they are applying to, more than ever. People are looking at what else a company has to offer, aside from the traditional retirement funds and medical aid. Companies are demanding staff that are proud of the brand they work for, staff that feel the urge to go that extra mile, so how do you as a brand ensure this happens? It’s simple, you make your staff feel appreciated! Show them that you care! Some companies view their staff as just that, a group of people that come to work, merely to get the job done and go home. In our current day and age, financial positioning and current changes in the world, we are slowly transitioning from our jobs being a simple 8-5 shift, to our jobs demanding involvement within the company. An employee that feels valued, is the same employee that will always go the extra mile, every single time. Getting to know your employees outside of the office also plays a rather important role in getting to truly understand them, visually analysing how a person gets along with the rest of the team is what is going to help you as a manager or CEO, know how to push your team to get them to holistically function as a beautifully oiled machine. Tired of the usual, boring and worn out team building activities for you and your team? Here are a few out of the box, but not out of the budget, team activities that will be both fun and fairly cost effective for your company!

Happy Hours:

Happy hours occur at multiple bars, possibly even within close proximity to your office! Take the team out for a few drinks after a long week. It’ll help them unwind, and also, give you an opportunity to connect with your team on a less corporate level!


Both cost effective and some serious fun! Whether employees are experienced in bowling or not, it’s a fun outing for everyone to experience. This sport also commands teamwork, put your employees in teams they wouldn’t normally associate with on a daily basis at work, throwing people out of their comfort zones really shows you how quick they are able to adapt and overcome differences with others.

Game Arcade:

Part of being creative and thinking creatively as an adult shows that deep down, there is still a child in you! Awaken the inner child of your staff, boost their creativity, simply by taking them to a game arcade for an afternoon of fun and games. You can even split the staff members up into teams and calculate a winner based on the number of tickets each team has won!

Rent a house for the weekend:

Rent an entire house, perhaps one on the beach, or even one in the mountains! Take your team for a weekend away, choose an option that sparks everyone’s interest. You can utilize the first half of the 1st day to get the team together and brainstorm fresh, vibrant ideas for your company! It does not have to be a formal sit down, let the team relax and unwind, let the team building occur in an entire organic manner! If it costs a little bit more to get a venue that everyone attending would feel really excited about, then maybe go for it! A dazzling setting can sometimes inspire fresh, new ideas! Always remember that no matter what, your employee’s happiness is of utmost importance! What calibre of work would you expect from a person, who really wants to be working somewhere else? Outings like the ones suggested above are fairly cost-effective and will help you sustain a good feeling with your team! Have a large or small company outing that you’re planning? Have you factored in your travel costs?  With the recent hikes in fuel prices and the risk of staff members drinking and driving (should the event accommodate alcoholic beverages), we can vouch that here at CK Tours we provide the most affordable transportation for corporate functions as well as ensure the safety of all aboard! All of our drivers are extremely well experienced and provide a delightful service. Even if its conference transportation for just the day, CK Tour is your go to!
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