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See the best of Gauteng

Being the smallest of the nine provinces doesn’t stop Gauteng from offering a world of adventure for its residents and tourists alike. You can treat you and your family to a host of attractions as there is plenty to do and keep you content in this landlocked delight. Pick a date and book a tour with CK travel and tours and see what Gauteng has to offer! Here are some of the attractions you can look forward to on your Gauteng adventure.

 Gold Reef City

A hugely popular entertainment attraction amongst young and old is Gold Reef City. Offering theme park and casino facilities, this tribute to the gold rush era is well worth the visit and will surely have you coming back for more. Visitors will find themselves enjoying the traditional history, music and dance throughout the vicinity and exhilarating rides that the park has to offer. One can learn about the Johannesburg gold rush, how gold was discovered and the origins of Johannesburg. Be sure to pay a visit to the Apartheid museum and be led on a historical journey beginning with the segregation of our nation to the release of Nelson Mandela. With over thirty rides catering to the various age groups, Gold Reef City is a must stop for visitors and thrill seekers.

 Johannesburg Zoo

Situated in Northern Johannesburg, the Johannesburg zoo is home to over 2000 animals and covers over 50 hectares of land. The zoo holds the nutrition and welfare of its animal to the highest standard and has international accreditation, therefore making it the perfect outing for family with younger kids. Selecting from the various day and night tours, you are guaranteed to have loads of fun and gain knowledge and insight on some of your favourite animals. The Johannesburg zoo had originally started with a total animal population size of 12 and has since grown in size and in the hearts of the many visitors who frequent here.

Cradle of humankind

Definitely not one to be missed, the Cradle of humankind is located northwest of Johannesburg and since 1999 has been recognized by UNESCO as a World heritage site. The site boasts over a dozen limestone excavation caves which contain fossilized remains of ancient plants, animals and hominids. Collectively, the caves have produced over 850 fossilized hominid remains, making it one of the most highly concentrated sites in the world. The Cradles caves are the most valuable record that we have of hominid evolution.

The Sterkfontein caves are situated within the Cradle of humankind and are credited for world famous fossil finds such Mrs Ples and Little foot. Guests can treat themselves to an educational and enlightening experience with the opportunity to wonder deep into the caves and marvel at the beauty of the underwater lake. Modern walkways and a boardwalk offer for easy access within the vicinity of the caves. Grab lunch at one of the nearby restaurants before making your way to the next attraction.

Voortrekker Monument

Situated on a scenic hilltop in Pretoria, you can find the Voortrekker Monument. The massive structure is made of granite and was built to honour the Voortrekkers who departed the Cape colony between the years 1835 and 1854. The central focus of the monument is the Cenotaph which stands central in the Cenotaph hall. The flags of the various Voortrekker Republics decorate the hall along with depictions of the Voortrekkers in the wall tapestry and artefacts collected from the Great Trek. The area surrounding the monument has undergone expansion several times and now includes various areas to peak your interest. You can find an indigenous garden, a wall of remembrance for those who lost their lives serving in the South African defence force between 1961 and 1994, a museum, a heritage site dedicated to Afrikaners, an amphitheatre and a nature reserve which is home to various game animals.


If you’re looking for a little getaway without having to fork up thousands, then transport yourself to the streets of Italy by visiting Montecasiono situated in the heart of Fourways. The building has been designed to replicate a quaint Tuscan village and will leave you in awe. The Montecasino complex offers ample food ranging from fast food to fine dining options, there is even a cinema to keep the kids entertained whilst you venture into the casino or treat yourself to some therapeutic shopping in one of the many stores. Montecasino is home to two theatres which frequently host award winning and diverse local and international productions. The bird gardens situated outside the casino building, allow you to walk through the aviary where you will find over 60 bird species along with smaller reptiles and mammals, if you’re lucky enough you might catch a glimpse of small antelope wandering in the undergrowth. Montecasino offers guests numerous amenities which will cater to every member of the family, making it a definite must see.


There is no better way to spend time with family and friends other than exploring Gauteng with CK travel and tours and the numerous destinations within Gauteng that we travel to. Book a tour today and let your loved ones travel in comfort and style to these great destinations and national attractions!

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